The details of Windows Computer Optimization Here is Nate's check-list for achieving Windows Computer Optimization. Most of these processes have multiple steps involved.  One click software programs do not exist.  In combination this step by step process covers security, optimization, speed and over all performance enhancement.  Always learning new and improved tips and software to utilize, Nate keeps his abilities up to date.  This list will always be updated and shared with you.
With over 20+ years experience in making Windows "behave itself" your computer becomes your fast and efficient tool GUARANTEED.
Let the professional do his magic for you and be amazed no matter how old your system is.  For most users a new computer is not needed just a once over by Nate.  In all his years of experience no one is this extensive and comprehensive in their service and for the price offered.

Final Check

Test Computer with Cold Boot
Test Internet Connection
Check Speed and Reliability
Troubleshoot Issues
Re-run Disk Cleaner Tools
Remove Dust
Final system wide check

Originally posted by: Nate Chambers on August 12, 2013
Windows COmputer OPtimization Updated on March 30, 2015

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