How to Extend Windows Update for XP

"[UPDATE: Microsoft response] A single registry setting makes Windows Update think your XP system is Windows XP POSReady, which will receive updates for another five years."

Thanks to ZDNet for this article. Just in case you are wondering I did test this and it works. If you would like an easier explanation that anyone can use read on.

A Windows Registry Tweak is needed to make this work.  Here's how you do it.

Run Regedit
Hit the Windows logo key on your keyboard and the "R" key to open the following window.  Type in "regedit" without the quotes and click "OK"

Windows Registry Editor XP
Double click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to open the keys within.

Registry Tweak to enable XP updates to 2019

Double-click SYSTEM then double-click WPA.  The key is already created in this window but you may have to build it for your own system.   Right click "WPA" and select "New Key."  Label it "PosReady" (make sure you label it exactly as is shown).  Choose a value and select "DWord."  Then right click on the "Installed" key in the right hand window and choose "1."  Close the Registry Editor (Top Right Red "X") and Open windows explorer (Windows logo key and "e") or use the shortcut link in your Start Menu. Close Windows Explorer then goto Windows Update from the Start Menu ---> All Programs ----> Windows Update and away you go.  DONE!

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